Harmonizing Opposing Goals: Strength & Flexibility

Linden Photonics, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of custom cables to the military and defense industries since 2002.  Linden strives to be at the forefront of technology, specializing in the development of innovative, high performance yet cost-effective solutions for DoD and commercial customers. Our objective is to be a strategic partner to agencies of the Department of Defense, their prime contractors, and advanced technology firms.

Linden’s STFOC™ (Strong Tether Fiber Optic Cable) are available for a variety of underwater uses from munitions tethers to ROV controls to littoral water sensing. STFOC was originally developed under Navy Contract as a fiber optic torpedo tether replacement for existing copper tether in 2005 and is being used worldwide by several Navies.

Linden’s precision-wound optical fiber packs are designed for use in such critical applications as submarine-launched buoys, underwater munitions and terrestrial robots to provide a capability for two-way, high-bandwidth communications. Our standard spools are made from either Strong Tether Fiber Optic Cable (STFOCTM) or Buoyant STFOCTM.  These spools are for slow, low tension payout or high-speed rapid payout. Fiber pays out from the inside of the spool so spool remains stationary during deployment.  Precision packs can be designed with single mode or can be modified with multimode fiber. Linden has delivered packs 30 km in length!

Harmonizing Opposing Goals: Strength & Flexibility

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